The New Project CARS 2 Physics System

When the racing game became more popular, we used to have a lot of issues with it, because of the fact that the cars are on the edge. If they hit an obstacle, it would spin and cause damage. It also caused a lot of accidents at the race tracks, when drivers were on the edge of losing control of their vehicles. This is not true anymore.

The new car system was introduced with the second racing game of this type. It was actually better than the first one. The first one did not have the kind of control we are used to from the driving games. There were lots of things that could affect the car including tires, braking points, wheels and the stability of the car. The third game is improved by introducing the new Tyre physics which should make it easier for you to control the car even without using a steering wheel.

The car handling is so realistic that you can almost feel how the car would react to different situations. When you try to brake, the vehicle will slow down in order to steer around the obstacle. There is no need to open the bonnet in order to slow down or stop the car. The tyre wheels will always hit the barriers, even if you try to dodge them.


Another benefit is the use of realistic car control. You cannot adjust the steering angle of the car without looking, since you are already facing the wheels of the car. This means that when you try to accelerate, it will only increase the speed. The high speeds do not harm the tyres because there is a limitation to the amount of acceleration that the car can perform.

Another great feature of the car control system is the ability to judge the speed of the car through the tyres. When you are following another car or a racetrack, the tyres would slow down for you to see if you are going to overtake it. You will be able to see the car’s direction while you are driving.

One thing that is better than the car control system in the previous racing game is the ABS system. It reduces the risk of getting into an accident or hitting the walls and other obstacles. When you collide with the obstacle, you can get out of the car, since the obstacle would be knocked away from your side. It would also be difficult for you to take further damage to your car.

With the new tyres, you can choose the right ones for your car. In the previous racing game, you had to drive the same tyre all the time in order to keep the performance of the car. But now, you can choose which type to use depending on the track.

There are still many benefits of the new Tyre physics which should be seen in the third car racing game. Even though the car handling is more or less the same as in the previous games, the cars should react to the obstacles and not be affected by the tyres. It is still a good racing game, which should not be compared to the first game of this genre.